Accessories, Helmets, and More!

Dear backers,

We hope that you’ve been doing well.

Today, we take a break from the distributor announcements to show you all the accessories that come with the bike. We’ll let pictures do most of the talking for this update:

Wheel Bag

A bag designed to work with the hubless wheel hooks. It stays put and will not rotate with your tire. Fits an extra battery with dimensions of 13.8″ x 8.3″ x 4.3″.

Mudguards / Fenders

Sleek mudguards for rainy weather rides and off-road adventures. Retractable for easy storage. The bracket is customized for easy installation on the fork.

Electronic Bell

Let pedestrians know you’re rolling through with this sleek electronic bell. Weather and water resistant.

Suspension Seatpost

Get comfortable with this suspension seat post add-on. This seat shock absorber is designed to cushion your ride as you cruise in style. 


Pack or store an extra 48V, 10.5Ah battery for fast, hot swaps.


A fast charger (48V, 2A) to keep your battery juiced.


We’ve got you covered with 3 stem sizes to find your best riding position.

Airless Tires

Upgrade your ride with a pair of puncture-proof airless tires (27.5” x 1.95). Made specifically for Reevo. Comes standard on all bikes ordered after March 2021.

Color Options

Reevo with Accessories

Here’s a sneak peek of a Stealth Black Reevo with all accessories installed.

Introducing the Reevo Helmet

By popular demand, we’re also introducing a new accessory for sale. Could this be your new bike helmet?

We made sure to carefully select a design which matches Reevo’s unique aesthetic. The helmet is made with a rigid polycarbonate outer shell and lined with a dense inner EPS foam layer for maximum protection and comfort. 

The helmet also features aerodynamic ventilation slots to promote air intake for maximum head cooling while riding. The vents combined with it’s light weight (300g) makes for a comfortable fit.

It also comes equiped with a red light on the back of the helmet with 2 blinking patterns and an always on mode, powered by an internal battery. Charging can be done through a USB port.

All backers will be able to add on the helmet into your order for only $29 on BackerKit. Please drop us an email if you have trouble accessing your account.

Complete your investment on Wefunder

In other news, our equity crowdfunding campaign has been approved and is now public! If you’ve previously reserved your investment, you can now convert your reservation into an investment. All you need to do is to log into your Wefunder account and follow the steps outlined there.

If you’re investing larger amounts, you may need to verify your identity and accreditation status. You can do this by clicking on your profile and going into “Settings”. Otherwise, certain investment limits may apply.

If you’ve not invested, but want to – here are the steps that you can take:

  • Create an account on WeFunder
  • Visit our campaign page
  • Enter in the amount that you want to invest
  • Click on “INVEST”
  • Complete your investing profile if you have not already done so
  • Enter in payment information. Wefunder accepts credit cards, wires, checks, or adding a bank account via Plaid.
  • Complete your investment

That’s it! We’ll handle the rest. 

As always, take care, stay safe, and be happy.


With love,

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