Go Hubless Yet Stay Eco-Friendly As You Ride the Reevo E-Bike For Your Daily Commute

Electric bicycles have frown more popular since last year as urban commuters strive to avoid crowded transportation. This emission-free platform – along with battery-powered motorcycles, scooters, and skateboards – are now the must-have eco-friendly rides. Beno Technologies presents cyclists with … Read More

Beno x Balenciaga

Dear backers, First of all, thank you once again for your patience and understanding as we work through this critical period of setting up manufacturing for Reevo. These last few weeks have been really hectic and we would like to … Read More

Uncrate – Reevo Hubless E-Bike

When you have a bike that looks as good as this one, you have to be sure it won’t be stolen. This unique all-black e-bike is finally ready for riders after four years of development, and the finished product is … Read More

Reevo Hubless Bike Is What Futuristic E-Bike Dreams Are Made Of

Reevo comes from Beno Technologies and, according to the few details available as of the time of writing, it’s been years in development. Even now, when it’s close to going live on crowdfunding sites so as to deliver the first … Read More

This Futuristic E-Bike Comes With A Sleek Design Featuring Hubless Wheels And A Fingerprint Lock!

 As this world takes to bicycling again (the pandemic has seen a surge in bicycle-use), the guys at Beno Inc want to finally get e-bikes right. Meet Reevo, an e-bike that ushers in the future of bicycling, with a … Read More

Beno Technologies Is Unleashing A New Breed Of E-Bike

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 6, 2020 — The hubless Reevo e-bike provides wheel storage and a triple barrier anti-theft system (biometric security, motion sensing, and GPS tracking). It also comes with an autonomous lighting system plus integrated signal and brake lights built into the … Read More

We Wish All Two-Wheelers Were As Stylish As Reevo’s Hubless E-Bike

Hubless wheels are just hard not to love—take the Verge TS electric motorcycle, for example. Sexy, isn’t it? Well, if you fancied that as much as we did, then here’s something we reckon you might like, too: this hubless electric bicycle from Reevo. … Read More