Reevo App

List of issue with Bluetooth Pin Code

Solutions Here’s a list of solutions that may help to solve the problem that you’ve might face during the Bluetooth Pin Code setup process. Restart The Reevo App. Close and re-open phone Bluetooth. Try another phone. Restart your bike or … Read More

How to reset Reevo Bluetooth Pin Code?

Step 1. Connect the bike via Bluetooth and open The Reevo App. Step 2. Go to the bike settings page, click on Bluetooth Pin Code which is located under Users. Step 3. Reset your Reevo Bluetooth Pin Code.

First Time Setup (The Reevo App)

Thank you for purchasing Reevo. Please open your Bluetooth on your smartphone before proceeding. Step 1 Download The Reevo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Step 2 Open The Reevo App. Step 3 Create an account … Read More

What does the error code on the diagnosis page means?

If you have received an error code, please visit your nearest Reevo service center to have the bike checked out.

Bike Sharing

We do not support bike sharing at the moment. However, The Reevo App does support a user management function that allows an admin to add up to 5 users.

What can I do if GSM is not detected?

Please try another SIM card and restart both The Reevo App and bike. If both or more sim cards still do not detect, please email our support team and we are happy to help.

If my bike gets stolen, can they download The Reevo App and use the bike?

Nope. Your personal login details are required to use the bike normally. Furthermore, a pin number is required when connecting to the bike via bluetooth.

Why can’t I click the bike settings?

Users are required to connect the bike by Bluetooth to access the bike settings.

Where can I report if I found any bugs?

Please email if you have any feedback or found any bugs regarding to the Reevo app or the bike itself. We truly appreciate it.

Firmware (OTA) Updates

Evolved Firmware updates will be roll out from time to time. These updates usually fixes bugs, any security issues etc. Firmware updates are completely free and will be available through The Reevo App. The Reevo App will notify users through … Read More