Reevo Features (Support)

Anti-Theft System

Bike Secured Reevo comes with robust anti-theft features to help you protect your bike. In order to fully secure your bike, here are a few steps you can do. Kickstand Put down the kickstand when you park the bike. Extend … Read More


Main Battery Reevo comes with a 48V, 10.5Ah main battery. Its range can last up to 60km / 37 miles. Reevo also has a removable battery compartment which allows riders to easily swap in a fresh battery for an instant … Read More

Lock / Unlock Reevo

How to lock/unlock your bike Kickstand Lock Integrated within the frame to nullify tampering devices like bolt cutters. Put down the kickstand to lock the bike. Extend fully before locking. Biometric Access Users can unlock the bike through biometric access … Read More

If my bike gets stolen, can they download The Reevo App and use the bike?

Nope. Your personal login details are required to use the bike normally. Furthermore, a pin number is required when connecting to the bike via bluetooth.

How much does the bike weight?

The bike weighs 22.3kg, battery weighs 2.6kg.


Reevo uses a lithium-Ion battery. The Battery capacity of Reevo is 48v, 10.5AH, 504WH. *A hidden backup battery inside Reevo is used for tracking and anti-theft purposes.

Firmware (OTA) Updates

Evolved Firmware updates will be roll out from time to time. These updates usually fixes bugs, any security issues etc. Firmware updates are completely free and will be available through The Reevo App. The Reevo App will notify users through … Read More


Reevo uses dual pivot caliper brakes. 


Reevo has 2 variants – 250w and 750w The 250w variant can support up to 25km/h. The 750w variant can support up to 25mph which is equivalent to 40km/h

Unlock Reevo

There are two ways to unlock your bike. Biometric Access Users can unlock the bike through biometric access on the bike handlebar. The Reevo App Users can unlock the bike through The Reevo App on the dashboard page as well. … Read More