Reevo Features (Support)

USB Charging

Juiced it up. Keep your phone charged at all times to navigate your way throughout your journey. *The USB power output is 5w.

Turn Signals

Safety First Slide the top of the fingerprint module to turn on the signal lights.

Integrated Lighting

Headlamps The ambient light sensor detects the amount of ambient light in the surroundings and turns on the LED headlamps when it gets dark. *Headlamps can also be switched on manually with The Reevo App. *Ambient Light Sensitivity settings can … Read More

Kickstand Lock

Lock it down! Integrated within the frame to nullify tampering devices like bolt cutters. Extend fully before locking. Click here to learn more about GPS tracking.

Biometric Access

There are two ways to unlock your bike. Biometric Access Users can unlock the bike through biometric access on the bike handlebar. At the bare minimum, 1 set of fingerprints is required for the security system to function. A total … Read More

Security Center

GPS Tracking There are 3 states for the anti-theft system, no problems detected, theft attempt detected, and theft in progress. For all modes, there is a visual indicator for the bike’s location and your location relative to the bike. For … Read More

Wheel Storage Hooks

Hook it up Users can hook up any bags to the front / rear wheel hooks on Reevo. The hooks compartment does not rotate with the wheels. The Reevo wheel bag is a sleek, weather-resistant sling bag specifically designed for … Read More


Normal range would be 60km / 37 miles on a flat road and some uphill with medium pedal assist mode with rider weight at around 60kg / 132lbs. 

Pedal Assist System

Reevo 5 levels of pedal assistance By pressing on the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the fingerprint module, Reevo’s adaptive pedal assist algorithm detects hills and provides you with tailored assistance when needed. Throttle The throttle is located on the … Read More