Reevo Repair & Maintenance (Support)

Saddle Replacement

Getting ready It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment. Tools required M5 Allen Key Parts required You will need to prepare the listed parts for this maintenance procedure. Replacement Saddle Steps … Read More

How do I adjust the seatpost?

You can adjust the seatpost by releasing the crank that is holding the seat. Adjust to a comfortable saddle height position and lock back the crank.

If my bike gets stolen, can they download The Reevo App and use the bike?

Nope. Your personal login details are required to use the bike normally. Furthermore, a pin number is required when connecting to the bike via bluetooth.

My bike is not turning on, what can I do?

Make sure the battery is fully charged and fully locked inside the battery compartment. Try to swap in a new battery. Check The Reevo App diagnosis tools for more information. Take your Reevo to the nearest service center for a … Read More

Are Reevo parts interchangeable with other bike?

Certain accessories like saddle, Seatpost, and tires are interchangeable with other bikes as they are standard bike parts.

How to keep my Reevo in good shape?

Cleaning Users can clean their Reevo by using a dry/wet cloth, some water, and gentle soap. Please do not soak Reevo in water, and do not use a high-pressure water nozzle to spray the bike. Lubricate Chain Lubricate Reevo chain … Read More

What is the difference between 250w and 750w?

The 750w variant comes with a throttle while the 250w variant does not. Both of these variants have the same motor and features. However, the 250w variant is being limited by firmware for laws and regulations. For more features and … Read More

Where is Reevo made from?

Reevo is Made In Malaysia. Reevo Bikes oversees the production of the bike and is dedicated to bringing the highest quality e-bikes to our customers.

Can I continue to use my bike if the battery is finished?

Yes! You can still manually pedal the bike. However, we recommend riding the bike with a full battery for the best riding experience.

Why does my firmware (OTA) update is taking so long? What can I do?

During our lab testing, the firmware (OTA) update usually takes around 3 – 5 mins on most smartphones. If the update is taking more than 15 minutes, there are a few things you can do. Bluetooth Step 1 Wait for … Read More