Certification Updates!

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Great news! We’re happy to announce that Reevo has successfully received two key certifications – UL 2849 and EN15194:2017. This marks an important milestone in our roadmap and brings us one step closer towards delivery.

More information reagrding these certifications below.

UL 2849

UL, LLC is a global certification company founded in 1894 – headquartered in Illinois with offices in 46 countries. UL are commonly involved in setting industry-wide standards on new products.

The UL 2849 certification is targeted specifically to e-bikes. An overview can be found on their website:

“Investigating potential harmful hazards is a fundamental part of building consumer trust and protecting brand reputation. With that said, new strategies and protective circuitry will be required for safe operation as e-bike technology evolves.

In order to help confirm the safety of e-bikes and electrically power-assisted cycles (EPACs), we involved industry leaders in the development of next-generation, e-bike safety requirements for UL 2849, the Standard for Electric Bicycles, and Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPACs). This Standard offers electrical and fire safety certification by examining the electrical drive train system, battery system and charger system combinations.

UL 2849 covers:

  • E-bikes (typically sit-to-operate and over-the-road use) and pedelec (pedal assisted electric) cycles.
  • The risk of electric shock during charging over the life of the product and other potential electrocution hazards.

The Standard does not evaluate for the operator’s ability to maintain control while riding.”


EN 15194:2017

European Standards (EN) are technical standards drafted and maintained by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

EN 15194 specifically covers e-bikes and is intended to cover all common significant hazards, hazardous situations and event of electrically power-assisted bicycles (PAB), when used as intended and under the condition of misuse that is reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.

Highlights of this standard include (source: minimotors.sg):

  • Electrically power-assisted bicycles of a type which have a maximum continuous rated power of 0,25 kW, of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the EPAC reaches a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner if the cyclist stops pedaling.
  • Test methods for engine power management systems, electrical circuits including the charging system for the design and assembly of electrically power-assisted bicycles and sub-assemblies for systems having a rated voltage up to and including 48 V d.c. or integrated battery charger with a nominal 230 V a.c. input.
  • EN 15194 standard specification mentions that the battery must comply with the test specifications of IEC 62133 or EN 50604-1.
  • Specifies safety and safety-related performance requirements for the design, assembly, and testing of EPAC bicycles and subassemblies intended for use on public roads and lays down guidelines for instructions on the use and care of such bicycles.

Behind the scenes at the test lab

And that’s it for today’s update.

As we approach delivery, we’ll be releasing a flurry of updates over the next few weeks, so please keep a look out for that. Have a great week ahead!


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