Production Update

Dear backers,

As a large portion of our suppliers return from their (long) chinese new year holidays, production activities have been resuming over the last few weeks.



In our last mini series we delved into the design process of the bike frame. Today, we would like to show you some photos of the production process. These are the custom molds for parts of the plastic housing. A large portion of our post-campaign engineering work was working with suppliers to design the molds and ensuring that every part is manufacturable with a tight tolerance. The molds are extremely costly to manufacture, but they are neccesary to produce the intricate design and unique shape of the frame.

Invisible Kickstand

Here is another mold for the invisible kickstand. We’ve also moved the kickstand placement over to the rider’s left following your feedback. More on the invisible kickstand in a future mini series update.


And here is another mold for the stem.

We’re really happy with the quality of the final product!

Airless tires

We’ve covered the mold for the airless tires in a previous update. In the past few weeks, we’ve also resolved an issue with the airless tires not ejecting from the mold. We’re proud to announce that the first airless tire units are now rolling off the production floor!

Check out the exclusive Reevo branding on the tires.

And that concludes today’s update. We’re happy to say that production is now 100% resumed and on track for our June 2021 delivery date. Full steam ahead.

With love,

The Reevo Team

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