Manufacturing Update #16

Dear Backers,

Happy New Year 2022 to everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. To start off the new year, we would like to give you an update on the manufacturing process and delivery timeline.


Arrival of parts to our manufacturing facility

We are happy to announce that many critical components have found their way to our production facilities according to the expanded project timeline. In the past, we encountered a few shipping delays due to worldwide supply chain disruptions and component shortages. Therefore, the arrival of these components on time were vital to ensuring adherence to the new delivery timeline of February 2022.

With these components on hand, our engineering team has greenlighted the production of additional parts, including finalizing the assembly of the bike frame and the main gears. Here is a quick look at the process :-

The gears have arrived! As a recap, these are custom-designed gears for Reevo that were produced at our supplier’s facility. Upon arrival, they need to be assembled and go through a secondary quality checking process again to ensure that all parts fall within our allowed tolerance range.

And here is what they look like post-assembly.

Here, we have another batch of larger gears and associated components that have been unpacked and are waiting for quality checks.

Our manufacturing facility has also begun the manual assembly of the planetary gear module which is a vital component of Reevo’s power transmission mechanism.

Finally, after the quality checking process, all gears are packed and sent to the kitting store for storage. More information on our production floor planning / layout can be found in Manufacturing Update #15.

We have also received shipment of the frames and initiated the assembly process. This includes further quality checks and installing wire clips for cable management along the frame body. The received frames are first unpacked, checked and cleaned.

Followed by the final frame sub-assembly process and wire clip installation.


Wheel manufacturing

In this update, we would also like to highlight the production process of the wheels, a custom component unique to Reevo. It goes without saying that this manufacturing process is the first of its kind in the world – an achievement that we are extremely proud of.

Due to IP filing conflicts, we will not be able to delve too deeply into the technical details.

Every wheel starts off as a raw ingot.

The raw material are then heated up into molten form, then poured and casted into the rough wheel shape (internal and external structures).

These rough wheels are then processed with a CNC machine to further refine the shape. The precision offered from this process allows us to create notches and grooves according to our design specifications.

The processed wheels then have to be finished through another process to smoothen out the surfaces and ensure a perfect circular structure.

Check out the before and after shots (top – unfinished, bottom – finished).

And finally, we have wheels! (note: we skipped the explanation of some technical processes)


Founder’s Edition badges

Some of you may also be wondering about how the Founder’s Edition badges look like. Well, we’ve begun the mass production process of the badges and can finally show you the end result.

We found the etching process to be really cool (lasers) and wanted to share the satisfaction.


Wrapping it up

Over the last month we’ve made excellent progress towards our delivery timeline goals. It has been a very busy period, from wrapping up production at some of our suppliers to packing, shipping, and receiving boxes from all over the world at our manufacturing facility.

As of today, we are on track to begin shipping late February 2022. We will continue to keep you updated on our manufacturing progress over the coming month.

In addition to overseeing the manufacturing process, we have also been striving to improve the functionality, stability, and quality-of-life features of our software suite and would like to give you a sneak peak. Therefore, in the upcoming weeks, we also plan to release two updates covering deep-dives into the Reevo app and pedal assist algorithms that our R&D team have been working hard on.

As always, take care, stay safe, and have a great week ahead.


With love,

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