Resolving previous quality issues

Dear backers,

We hope that you’ve had a great Easter weekend. Today, we would like to give you a brief update on our manufacturing progress since our last update.


The first production samples of the colored frames (Satin Blue, Saddle Brown, and Wine Red) are finally ready! The engineering team was pretty anxious about the paint homogeneity due to the large surface area, but we’re very happy to report that tolerance control turned out great. We also had an issue with warpage on the previous batch of engineering samples, but that was resolved pretty quickly by tuning the cooling curve.

Check out the samples below. The red actually looks brighter in this picture than it actually is due to the lighting and camera exposure.

Which one’s your favourite?

Resolving previous quality issues

Previously, we communicated some quality issues on the frame in Manufacturing Update #5. We’re very happy to be able to say that these issues have now been resolved and that tighter Quality Control methods have been put into place at our supplier’s side.

Check out a side by side comparison of the workmanship on the new frame (bottom) versus the previous one (top).

Here’s a closer look at the latest frame sample.

Fresh parts

We’ve also qualified new parts in production through a strict QC process.

This is the fork housing, which is designed to make the wheel and fork part of a cohesive design language.

And here are some wheel housing covers, fresh from the production floor:

And that concludes today’s update. Onwards and upwards.

With love,

The Reevo Team 

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