Battery manufacturing and testing process

Dear backers,

In a previous Mini Series (#2), we took a deep dive into the removable battery and our thoughts behind the design process. As a refresher, we designed a customized bike frame to incorporate a removable battery for the following reasons:

  1. Convenient charging – the battery can be removed from the bike and brought to office / home to charge.
  2. Instant power boost – a fresh battery can be swapped in for longer rides (hint:- carry one in each wheel bag). No more waiting for your bike to finish charging.
  3. Remove if not needed – in case you just want to pedal, the battery can be removed to lighten bike weight (5.7lbs / 2.6kg).

We also talked about the design process, where we went through 4 generations of batteries when designing Reevo prototypes.

Today, we would like to show you behind the scenes of the battery manufacturing and testing process.

The battery starts out as cells which are both CE and UL certified. Multiple battery cells are combined together to form a larger array with a voltage rating of 48V.

On a side note, there is a huge worldwide shortage of battery cells, but we managed to secure sufficient stock for our first production run. This strong demand is showing that the future is indeed electric!

The battery cell arrays are then fitted into the housing and sealed.

Before the final product can be qualified, each battery has to go through a series of tests to ensure their safety and reliability. These tests include cycle and load testing, where the cells are subjected to repeated charge – discharge cycles and performance with variable loads.

If a battery fails our strict test conditions it is immediately discarded, as we place utmost importance on quality and reliability.

Finally, batteries that pass the quality checks are packed and shipped to our manufacturing facility for assembly into the bikes. All good to go!

FA Samples

Other than the batteries, we have also recently received fresh First Article (FA) samples for the hubless wheel frame and gearbox from our vendors. FA samples are mass-produced units of a first production run which are typically used for quality control purposes. Strict quality checks are conducted to ensure the quality and reliability of every single bike that we ship out.

Our engineering team will be closely inspecting these samples before giving the green light for the first production run to begin.

Further COVID lockdowns

In other news, a countrywide lockdown was just announced yesterday in Malaysia in response to the rising number of COVID cases. We’re still assessing the impact to our supply chain and production, and will provide further information in our next update.

As always, take care and stay safe.

With love,

The Reevo Team

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