The why behind our removable battery design

Dear backers,

Today we continue with the 2nd installation of the mini series. For newer backers, this mini-series will walk through the design, development process, and functionality of each customized bike component.

  • Mini Series #1 – Biometric Access Module
  • Mini Series #2 – Removable Battery

Motivation and functionality

Many e-bikes on the market today come with batteries integrated into the bike frame to facilitate a slimmer design. We decided to take a different approach. In fact, a removable battery was a feature that we knew we wanted to integrate into Reevo from the very beginning for the following reasons:

  1. Convenient charging – the battery can be removed from the bike and brought to office / home to charge.
  2. Instant power boost – a fresh battery can be swapped in for longer rides (hint:- carry one in each wheel bag). No more waiting for your bike to finish charging.
  3. Remove if not needed – in case you just want to pedal, the battery can be removed to lighten bike weight (5.7lbs / 2.6kg).


A huge challenge for us was to design the bike frame to incorporate a removable battery and still maintain bike aesthetics. A larger battery meant a bulkier design. Furthermore, a removable battery tends to stick out like a sore thumb on most e-bike designs.

Our solution to overcome this challenge was to develop a whole new frame design built around the removable battery concept (more on this in a future mini-series update). We also fitted in a cover to seemlessly integrate the battery into the frame’s design.

A USB charging socket is also integrated into the frame.

You may be wondering how security features such as geofencing, GPS tracking, and electronic locking will function if the battery is removed. Well, there is a smaller backup battery hidden in the frame that powers these systems when the main battery is removed for up to 10 hours. When the main battery is inserted back into the bike, the backup battery automatically begins recharging itself.

Design process and challenges

The battery is a major component of any good e-bike. In total, we went through 4 generations of batteries when designing the Reevo prototypes. Earlier generations of batteries were bulkier and did not satisfy our design needs. The good news is that battery technology has advanced significantly since we first started designing Reevo (4 years now!).

The final version that we’ve selected uses Samsung battery cells and is both CE and UL certified.

And here is what the backup battery looks like in case you were curious. Our engineers worked hard to reduce the power draw of the security systems on standby mode to shrink the backup battery size to easily fit into the bike frame.

And that’s it! Please stay tuned for future mini series and manufacturing updates.

With love,

The Reevo Team

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