Deep dive into the “Invisible Kickstand”

Dear backers,

Today we continue with the 5th installation of the mini series. For newer backers, this mini-series will walk through the design, development process, and functionality of each customized bike component.

  • Mini Series #1 – Biometric Access Module
  • Mini Series #2 – Removable Battery
  • Mini Series #3 – Airless Tires
  • Mini Series #4 – Frame Design
  • Mini Series #5 – The “Invisible” Kickstand

Motivation and functionality

Personally, we have a love hate relationship with kickstands. They’re useful – practical but ugly. In fact, you won’t have to look hard to find a convincing argument one way or the other on whether the kickstand still has a place on modern e-bikes.

Some argue that kickstands are redundant when you can just lean your bike against walls. Another common argument is that kickstands also add unnecessary weight and aero drag. Furthermore, they also compromise the overall bike aesthetics.

On the other hand, others argue that the kickstand still has a place on modern bikes, and are infinitely useful when there isn’t available space to lean your bike on (we shudder at the thought of Reevo lying flat on a road). The kickstand also makes it easier to carry our maintenance works and are great for when you’re cleaning your bike. We’re firmly in this camp.

So while many manufacturers are opting to ditch the kickstand, we decided to go a different route. We decided to rethink our approach to this problem by keeping the functionality of a kickstand, but making sure that it is well integrated into Reevo’s sleek design.


Design process and challenges

The first challenge was that kickstands are essentially a metal rod that sticks out like a sore thumb on most bikes. Our solution was to design the kickstand to retract flush into the frame – making it disappear completely from sight when retracted. All spring loaded mechanisms are also house inside the frame to maintain the bike’s clean aesthetic.


The kickstand’s shape was also a design challenge as it had to match the frame, while also being robust enough to hold up the bike’s weight. We went through many prototypes, and settled on a “hockey stick” design with curves that match the bike’s frame.

Our engineers decided on aluminium rather than commonly used steel for the material to lower weight and to make this part manufacturable at a higher rate. Load bearing strength was improved through the unique shape and curved surface of the kickstand.

The production mold for the “invisible” kickstand.

Left or right handed?

You may have noticed that our prototype has the kickstand on the right. This was initially done due to some engineering challanges. During our initial Indiegogo campaign, many of you raised this as a concern as most bikes have the kickstand on the other side. We decided to listen and make the change. Muscle memory is a powerful thing!

Left vs right kickstand design

This was a hugely challenging design change as it involves moving the entire one side chassis to the left, including the one sided fork. A large portion of our post-campaign work was focused on this change.

But we’ve nailed it! The bikes that we’ll be shipping out to you will have the invisible kickstand on the left.

Antitheft features

The “invisible kickstand” is not just another pretty face, it also doubles as a security feature. There is a built-in internal mechanism that also acts as a wheel lock. When the rider puts down the stand, the wheel will locked mechanically, and you won’t be able to push the bike.

This is integrated into the “Triple Barrier Security System” – simply scan your fingerprint and an electronic mechanism locks the kickstand from being retracted, essentially locking in the wheel in the process. More on this in a future mini series on the antitheft system.

And that’s it for today’s update. Rest assured that we will also continue to provide timely manufacturing updates and mini-series posts as we’ve done in the past. As always, you can reach us at if you need further clarification.

Take care, and stay safe.

With love,

The Reevo Team

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