BIG News: You can Now Invest In Beno, Inc.

Dear backers,

Our journey started almost four years ago with nothing but a dream – a dream to create the next generation of electric vehicles. A dream to go against the status quo, to design extraordinary things.

Out of that dream came Reevo, our vision for the e-bikes of the future.

Your support since our Indiegogo campaign launch has been nothing short of amazing. We are truly blessed to count each one of you among our earliest believers and supporters.

Since launch, Reevo has caught the world’s attention with its unique design and game-changing features. Reevo has been featured in media all around the world – from the French GQ, to N-TV in Germany, to international sites such as Gizmodo and New Atlas. It has even made an appearance in an online fashion video game by Balenciaga.

On the technical side of things, we’ve also iterated and improved tremendously on the original prototype. You’ve been extremely helpful with the feedback, some of which we’ve implemented (eg. kickstand side) and others that we’re considering for future product lines. It has been a challenging year, especially in light of COVID, supply chain disruptions and component shortages; but we’re happy to say that we are now on track for delivery.

We’ve also been working hard to expand our reach and ensure excellent after-sales service for our backers and future customers by partnering with distributors in key regions.

As we approach delivery, the question for us has always been – what’s next?

Today, it is time for the next step on our journey. And we’re inviting you along for the ride.

If you’ve been watching our campaign grow and ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could be a bigger part of this…”

We have really awesome news for you.

Because today, we launched on Wefunder.

Wefunder is an investing platform where instead of receiving the product for your participation, you get a stake in the company.

Why Wefunder?

Recently we’ve received a few generous offers for investment in Beno. We gave considerable thought to these offers, but seeing the passion and love that you have for Reevo has convinced us to open our fund raising efforts to the public, rather than just institutional investors.

We want to give back to our earliest believers and build a strong sense of ownership together with average people like ourselves.  A passionate community of owners.

Therefore, we’re offering all our Indiegogo backers exclusive early access and preferred investment terms to own a stake in Beno.

Our campaign on WeFunder is currently invite only. During this private sale period, the first $200K of investments will be entitled to a ~10% lower valuation cap. 

We plan to open our campaign to the public within the next week.

Our dream has always been to create amazing things and build Beno into a major player in the electric mobility space.

This funding round will enable us to take significant strides towards that dream by investing heavily into growth, expanding our after-sales service network, and developing new product lines.

You’ve been on board with us since the very beginning.

You’ve seen our ups and downs, our growth, our challenges.

Now, join us on our next step, and let’s build the future of electric mobility together.

How to Invest

Wefunder is like “Indiegogo / Kickstarter for investing”. Unlike Indiegogo, you are not buying a product, rather, you are investing in a business with the hope of earning a return on your investment.

Our Wefunder campaign is currently accepting reservations only. 

During this time, you’ll also have the option of funding your Wefunder account to save on platform fees. 

Otherwise, we’ll contact you again when the time comes to confirm your investment and make the payment.

The first $200K of investments will be entitled to preferred terms of a ~10% lower valuation cap. Your reservation ensures your place in the queue.

To reserve your investment:

  • Create an account on WeFunder
  • Visit our campaign page**
  • Enter in the amount that you want to invest
  • Click “INVEST” to complete your reservation
  • Fund your Wefunder account (optional)

That’s it! We’ll do the rest.

Thanks for being a part of our journey, and we hope this shows you how much your support means to us. 


Useful links

Find out more information about Wefunder

Invest in Beno**

Contact us:

**Please do not share this link with anyone else. Right now, this offer is exclusive to our Indiegogo backers 🙂


With love,

Beno, Inc.

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