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Login / Registration

Log in with your twitter, Google account or Apple ID account. Otherwise, you can also register with your email address and set a new password.

Bike Pairing

Be prompted to pair your phone to your bike via Bluetooth.


Biometric Access

Once the bike is paired, the next step is to register your fingerprint. This will enable you to lock / unlock the bike via biometric authentication.

Firmware Update

Bike firmware updates are handled over-the-air (OTA) and can be directly triggered updated from the Reevo app. No wires needed.


Pedal Assist Calibration

Reevo's intelligence algorithm will help to determine the mode that the bike is currently in and provide tailored power delivery.

S.O.S Number

Don't be afraid when your bike leaves a preset geofencing radius while the anti-theft system is engaged. An automatically S.O.S Number will call you immediately!



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