Reevo Hubless Bike Is What Futuristic E-Bike Dreams Are Made Of

Reevo comes from Beno Technologies and, according to the few details available as of the time of writing, it’s been years in development. Even now, when it’s close to going live on crowdfunding sites so as to deliver the first production units to new customers, the makers are still taking cues from the community.  That said, if the final product is even remotely close to what we’re being shown right now, it might just be the most beautiful e-bike out there. Smart too, because we all know looks aren’t everything.

First and most importantly, Reevo has hubless, spokeless wheels. The decision to remove the hubs and spokes isn’t exactly detailed, but the makers boast that Reevo comes with in-wheel storage space because of it, which is definitely something no other e-bike manufacturer can say right now. The tires spin on a bearing along the fixed rim, which could be illuminated intermittently as an extra safety measure – and for the obvious cool factor. The taillight / brakelight and headlight are also integrated into the wheel, thus freeing up space on the bike. In keeping with the idea of delivering a futuristic-looking product that is so intuitive it needs fewer commands, the headlight and brakelight would be activated by a sensor. You would never have to worry about pressing buttons to be more visible in traffic ever again. The 48V battery is removable, situated on the top of the downwards tube, with everything else packed in neatly in the lower part. The battery would reach a complete charge in as little as three hours. There are few cables visible on this e-bike, most notable on the handlebar, in an attempt to keep it as sleek and “clean” as possible.

Because of the hubless design, riders get rim brakes and a one-sided fork. Beno says that tires and tubes would have to be custom and they would provide them, but users could also repair a flat with standard tires and tubes, as long as they carefully followed provided instructions. Beno is open to the idea of putting airless tires on the Reevo.

Because such a stunning bike would clearly attract a lot of eyes and perhaps more than a couple of sticky fingers, it comes with a triple anti-theft security system. More than protecting your bike, this allows you to make the Reevo “personally” yours, with this statement applying mostly to the fact that it comes with a fingerprint reader for unlocking.

You also get a padlock and GPS tracking with motion detection, which, though seen on other e-bikes as well, add peace of mind to the owner. Users can track the bike on their phone within a designated area / geofencing radius – for the worst case scenario.

No details have been revealed about the motor, but Beno is thinking of offering a little something for every rider, regardless of where they’re from. Specifically, we’re talking about a 250W motor for the European market and a more powerful 750W one for the U.S. (along with throttle-only mode for better uphill performance).

Pricing will officially be unveiled at a later time, when the Reevo campaign goes live on IndieGoGo, but that cat may already be out of the bag. According to the official Facebook page, early birds will be able to get it for 43 percent off at $1,899, with MRSP set at $3,349. At this production price, it’d better live up to the hype.

by Elena Gorgan | SEPT 29, 2020
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