Nothing You’ve Seen Before

This is Reevo – the world’s first hubless e-bike. Beautifully designed and elegantly crafted, urban mobility has never looked this good. Features our signature anti-theft system and integrated assistive features to make your next ride a truly futuristic one.
Style, Security & Safety For The Modern Urban Cyclist. ​

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Spokes Are So Last Year

Turn heads...and corners with the sleekest e-bike on the road. Meticulously engineered for performance and fully loaded with innovative technology. Gun the throttle or simply cruise along with adaptive pedal assist - our patented hubless e-drive will get you places, fast.
powerful electric drive
0 W (EU)
top speed
0 km/h
0 km

*Bikes are limited to 250W and 25 km/h in Europe to comply with regulations.

powerful electric drive
0 W (US)
top speed
0 mph
0 miles

We’ve reinvented the wheel

And the future comes rolling in. No spokes, no transparent centre, no gimmicks – just pure engineering excellence. Our patented hubless wheel design is the first of its kind.

Built around a strong lightweight core that’s finished in sleek matte black. Each wheel is meticulously impact tested in our lab and triple-sealed from the elements for superb long-term reliability.

Hubless E-Drive

Say hello to our one-of-a-kind electronic drivetrain developed specifically to power Reevo’s next generation hubless wheels. Works in 3 distinct modes:
  • Pure electric (throttle available on 750W variants only)
  • Hybrid with adaptive pedal assist
  • Manual pedaling
Power is transmitted efficiently from the electric motor to provide unmatched power when its needed.

Adaptive Pedal Assist

Why climb when you can fly?  

Reevo’s electronic adaptive pedal assist system detects road gradient and your pedaling parameters to provide algorithmically tailored assistance, making supernatural power, feel natural. Sit back, pedal, and let Reevo do the heavy lifting. 

Choose from 5 levels of pedal assistance to suit your daily routine.  

Next Up, Design
Standing strong and confident during the day, dark and mysterious during the night – Reevo exudes a sense of futuristic mystery and wonder, combined with rugged practicality to form our ultimate expression for the future of mobility.
“The quality that we call beauty, however, must always grow from the realities of life.”
- Jun'ichirō Tanizaki (In Praise of Shadows)


The structural frame of a bike dictates its strength and durability. Reevo is constructed from heat-treated 6000 series aluminum alloy to support even the most demanding of riders while remaining lightweight enough for everyday use.


The housing is meticulously crafted with molded polymer encapsulating a rigid internal structural frame - enriched with an anti-UV additive to protect from sunlight degradation. The impact resistant nature of this material makes it less likely to get damaged in the event of a crash (think car bumpers). Immaculately finished with 4 layers of primer and matte paint in the color of your choice.

Park and Walk Away

Over 2 million bikes are stolen annually in North America alone.  

Not yours. 

Reevo’s signature anti-theft system keeps your bike – yours.

Biometric Access

Security starts with authentication. Reevo responds to only your fingerprint, making it virtually theft-proof.
Say goodbye to bulky chains and keys!

Secure Theft Prevention

An advanced wheel locking mechanism integrated with the invisible kickstand renders Reevo immobile and nullifies tampering devices like bolt cutters.
Secure when parked, stays out of sight on rides.

Theft Detection with GPS Tracking

Housed within the frame is a vigilant microchip actively scanning for motion and alerts your phone if a theft attempt is in progress.

Reevo’s GPS module can be located and tracked anywhere in the world with the Reevo app.

Signals That Are Safety Chic

Get around at night with the integrated lighting- so you can stay safe, no matter when you ride. Gone are the days of charging multiple devices. With Reevo, you only charge one device – your bike.

Signal and Brake Lights

Put those hands down. Reevo is integrated with signal lights featuring an eye-catching flashing pattern. Brake and take corners with confidence.

LED Headlamps with Ambient Light Sensing

Practical convenience at it’s best. The LED headlamps automatically turn on when it gets dark. Get ready for night adventures.

Convenience Because It's The 21st Century.


  • Reevo app
  • Phone holder
  • USB charger
  • Wheel storage hooks
  • Invisible kickstand
  • Throttle (US version only)

Allowable rider weight120kg / 265lb
Bike weight (without battery)29kg (25kg) / 63 (55) lbs
Frame materialAluminium alloy
Body materialImpact resistant ABS
Motor power250W (EU)
Top speed25km/h
Range60 km / 37 miles
ConnectivityBluetooth, 4G, GPS
Battery48V, 10.5Ah
Charging time3 hours to 100%
Wheel size27.5 (650B)
Seat tube48.2 / 19.0
Seat tube diameter27.2mm
Seat tube angle71.9
Head tube length10.1 / 4.0
Head angle69.9
Effective top tube65.0 / 25.6
Bottom bracket drop4.4 / 1.7
Chainstay length43.3 / 17
Wheelbase113.37 / 44.6
Standover59.1 / 23.3
Stem length59.1 / 23.335 (S/M), 50 (M/L), 65 (XL)
  • Reevo e-bike
  • User manual
  • Power charger
  • Battery
  • Assembly tools


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