Anti-Theft System

Bike Secured

Reevo comes with robust anti-theft features to help you protect your bike. In order to fully secure your bike, here are a few steps you can do.


Put down the kickstand when you park the bike. Extend fully to ensure the kickstand is fully down. An advanced wheel locking mechanism integrated with the invisible kickstand renders Reevo immobile and nullifies tampering devices like bolt cutters. 

Biometric Access

Your fingerprint is your identity. Touch the biometric access module with your fingerprint to fire up the bike.

GPS Module 

Reevo’s GPS module can be located and tracked anywhere in the world with The Reevo App.

Housed within the frame is a vigilant microchip actively scanning for motion and alerts your phone if a theft attempt is in progress. 

*A nano-SIM card is required for the GPS tracking to work. For more info, click here.

*While reasonable effort was made to develop a robust anti-theft system, we cannot guarantee that your bike will not be stolen

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