Dashboard & Bike Selector


Vital information

The dashboard lets you see vital information in a glance. Information such as battery level, distance travelled, and trip time are located at the top of the speedometer.

A beautiful speedometer is strategically placed in the center to let users quickly have a peek on the current speed and pedal assist level. Speedometer are dynamic and will react according to whichever status the bike are on at the moment.

Below the speedometer, there are 4 buttons that users can take control of. A locked / Unlock button, a increase / decrease pedal assist level button, and a headlamps toggles that let you choose between auto mode, on or off.

Bike Selector

The bike selector button is above the distance travelled information. This allows you to freely choose between bikes.

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Backup Battery

This page shows up when the main battery is removed, and the bike is powered from the backup battery. In this mode, all bike functions except for anti-theft functions are disabled. Users will still be able to lock or unlock the bike from this screen.

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