Installing Gearbox Module Cover

Before starting this maintenance process, below tasks/process must be completed:

  • Disconnect battery / power supply

Tools required

Circlip PlierNWS 175-42-A21 Circlip pliers angled for external circlips, 165.0 mm 
Allen Key 

Steps to follow

Step 1 Aligning Gearbox Module Cover


Collect 1 unit of Gearbox Module Cover subassembly and start aligning the hole on the Gearbox Cover with the BB Shaft’s hole.

Continue to insert the Gearbox Cover subassembly through the hole.

Tilt the Gearbox Module Cover up
until the point is closer to the PCA Board.

Step 2 Connecting PAS Sensor Cable 


Carefully slot the PAS Sensor cable through the slot on the Gearbox & connect it with its correct connector on the PCA Board.

Step 3 Securing Gearbox Module Cover 


Continue to tilt up the Gearbox Cover
Until the circled hole is aligned with the Reduction Shaft on the Gearbox.

Once the hole is aligned with the Reduction Shaft on the Gearbox, close the Gearbox Cover by gently pushing it towards the Gearbox Module.
Make sure there is no cable stuck in between the Gearbox Module & Gearbox Cover.

Using a torque driver, insert & firmly tighten all 16 units of M4x10mm Socket Head Cap Screws.

Make sure all 16 units of screws are installed and firmly tighten onto the Gearbox Module Cover.

Using a circlip plier, install the 12mm Heavy Duty circlip into
its correct circlip’s groove on the Reduction Shaft.

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