Rear Wheel Replacement

Getting ready

It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment.

  • Before starting this maintenance process, disconnect the battery/power supply to prevent the risk of electrical issue or hazard.

Tools required

Torque Driver set
10mm Spanner
Circlip PlierNWS 175-42-A21 Circlip pliers angled for external circlips, 165.0 mm
Loctite 2701
or any equivalent thread-locker fluid

Parts required

You will need to prepare the listed parts for this maintenance procedure.

Replacement Rear Wheel
x 1 unit

Steps to follow

Step 1 Removing brake pads


Using 10mm spanner, loosen up the nut on the old brake pad.

Once the nut is loosened up, remove the nut. 

Remove the brake pad by carefully sliding it out through the hole on brake caliper.

Repeat all the previous steps for the other brake pad on the other side .

Step 2 Removing Rear Spur Gear


Using a circlip plier, remove the 12mm circlip on the Driven Sprocket. 

Once the circlip is removed, gently slide out the Rear Spur Gear on the other side.

Rest the Driven Sprocket & chain on the Gearbox.

Step 3 Disconnecting Rear LED Light cables


Carefully disconnect the Rear LED Light cables.

The cables are mounted on the right-side of the Gearbox Module.

Make sure that all cables are disconnected before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4 Removing Rear Wheel


Using torque driver, unscrew all the screws on the Rear Wheel.

Ensure that all screws has been removed.

Carefully remove the Front Wheel and set it aside.

Step 5 Installing new Rear Wheel


Take the replacement unit of Rear Wheel & align the wheel correctly to its screw holes.

Ensure that all screw holes are aligned

Using torque driver, insert and tighten all the screws until the wheel is fully secured.

*Apply Loctite on each screw before inserting into screw hole.

Step 6 Re-connecting Rear LED Light cables


Carefully re-connect the Rear LED Light cables.

Make sure that all cables are disconnected before proceeding to the next step.

Step 7 Re-install Rear Spur Gear

Collect the Rear Spur Gear and start aligning it into its designated hole.

Continue to install the Rear Spur Gear until it is fully flushed. 

*Make sure that all gear teeth are meshed perfectly with the teeth on the wheel.

On the other side of the bike, insert the Driven Sprocket back into the Rear Spur Gear.

*Ensure that the sprocket is installed until its fully flushed, indicated by
a visible groove for 12mm circlip.

Re-install the 12mm circlip into its designated groove to secure the sprocket.

Step 8 Re-installing brake pads


Collect the brake pad, and correctly
align it into the brake caliper.

Slide the brake pad into the brake caliper
and ensure the brake pad is in place.

Once the brake pad is correctly aligned, secure the brake pad by inserting the nut. 

Repeat all the previous steps for the other brake pad on the other side.

Step 9 Testing new Rear Wheel


Spin the newly installed rear wheel.

Ensure that the wheel is spinning freely
without any wobbling issue
or abnormal noise.

For better inspection result, bring the bike
for a test if required.

Finally, twist the throttle or rotate the crank.

Make sure that the Rear Spur Gear is
rotating smoothly without any further issue.

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