Removing Gearbox Module Cover

Before starting this maintenance process, below tasks/process must be completed:

  • Disconnect battery / power supply

Tools required

Circlip PlierNWS 175-42-A21 Circlip pliers angled for external circlips, 165.0 mm 
Allen Key 

Steps to follow

Step 1 Removing Gearbox Module Cover


Using a circlip plier, remove the 12mm circlip from the idler shaft.

Remove the circlip and set it aside.

Then, using a torque driver, unscrew all screws on the Gearbox Module cover.

Make sure total of 16 units of M4 screws has been removed.

After all screws has been removed, slowly tilt down the Gearbox Module Cover.

Disconnect the PAS Sensor cable from the connector on the PCA board.

Once the cable has been disconnected, carefully remove the Gearbox Module cover.

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