First Time Setup (The Reevo App)

Thank you for purchasing Reevo. Please open your Bluetooth on your smartphone before proceeding.

Step 1

Download The Reevo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Open The Reevo App.

Step 3

Create an account or sign in to your Facebook / Google account.

Step 4

Connect your phone to the bike through Bluetooth. Ensure that the bike battery is charged and inserted.

Step 5

After connecting complete with Reevo, change your Bluetooth pin code.

Step 6

Go to settings and click Bluetooth.

Step 7

Click on Reevo.

Step 8

Click forget device.

Step 9

Go back to the App and pair Reevo again.

Step 10

Register your fingerprint by following the instructions on the app. Your fingerprint will be used to lock/unlock the bike.

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