Bluetooth PIN Code

Extra Protection

*Just like any other Bluetooth devices, a pin code is required to connect Reevo.

Walkthrough Video

Step 1. Connect the bike

Connect the bike via Bluetooth and open The Reevo App. Please refer to First Time Pairing if you have not connect the bike before.

Step 2. Locate PIN Code

Go to bike settings, and locate the Bluetooth PIN code. Press ‘Click here to show’ will let you view your current Bluetooth PIN code.

*Only admin has the ability to view the Bluetooth PIN code and perform any changes.

Step 3. Change PIN Code

If you need to change your PIN code, you can press ‘Change PIN Code’ and enter your desired PIN code number. However, changing the PIN code will require you to pair the bike again for all connected users.

*We did not recommend admin to change the PIN code unless it’s necessary as it might disrupt any users (non-admin) that is currently using the bike.

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