Bike Settings


*Bluetooth connection to the bike is required.

Rename Reevo

Users can change their Reevo name by clicking the ‘pencil’ icon.

Knowledge Base

View all the bike’s information. Click here to learn more about Bluetooth Pin Code.

On the homepage, you’ll find various bike information.

Access bike specific settings

On the Bike Settings page, you’ll find various bike-specific settings. 

Toggle Settings

These are settings that can be toggled on or off, including – motion alerts, theft notifications, and throttle.

Level Settings

These are always-on settings which can be set to various intensities according to user preference, including – maximum speed, light sensor sensitivity, and hill assist profiles (coming soon).

Miscellaneous Settings

These are other bike-specific settings, including fingerprint registration, pedal assist calibration, S.O.S number, firmware updates, self-diagnosis, and factory reset.

Bike firmware updates are handled over-the-air (OTA) and can be directly triggered updated from the Reevo app. No wires needed. This allows us to continuously improve the bike and push updates without the need for you to visit a dealer.

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