How do I factory reset Reevo?

You can reset the bike back to its default state by using The Reevo App. Only bike administrators have the ability to perform a full factory reset. Performing a factory reset removes all users and returns bike settings to their original factory settings except for the firmware version and mileage.

Walkthrough Video

Step 1 Connect the Bike

Connect the bike via Bluetooth.

Step 2 Head Over to Bike Settings

Click on bike settings, then factory reset which is located at the last of the settings list.

Step 3 Reset the Bike

Click Reset to get the bike back to its default state.

*Mileage does not reset

Step 4 Forget Reevo

Go to your smartphone Bluetooth settings, and forget Reevo. After this step, you have successfully factory reset Reevo!

*You will need to perform the first time setup again if you wish to use the bike.

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