Seatpost Replacement

Getting ready

It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment. Before starting this maintenance process, below tasks must be completed:

  • Disconnect battery / power supply

Tools required

No tools required for this installation.

Parts required

You will need to prepare the listed parts for this maintenance procedure.

Replacement Seatpost
x 1 unit

Steps to follow

Step 1 Loosening and removing old seatpost


Unlock the seatpost clamp by releasing the lever.

Carefully remove the old Seatpost by slowly pulling it up from seat frame.

Step 2 Installing new seatpost


Collect the new seatpost & install it by inserting into the seat frame.

Adjust the height according to preference. 

Make sure that the seatpost is aligned perfectly & secure the seatpost by locking the clamp lever.

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