Security Center

GPS Tracking

There are 3 states for the anti-theft system, no problems detected, theft attempt detected, and theft in progress. For all modes, there is a visual indicator for the bike’s location and your location relative to the bike. For the anti-theft system to function, a GSM / 4G connection is required – a working SIM card is required for this. 

*A nano-SIM card is required for the GPS tracking to work. For more info, click here.

No Problems Detected

In this mode, your bike is locked and secured. Hopefully this is the screen that you see all the time.

Theft Attempt

Once locked, the bike stays alert for theft attempts. A smart algorithm detects theft attempts using the integrated motion sensor and accelerometer and triggers this mode.

Once this mode is triggered, you will receive a PUSH notification on your mobile phone for your action. You’ll also be able to see the date and time stamp and location of the theft attempt from the app.

Theft in Progress

This mode is triggered when your bike leaves a preset geofencing radius while the anti-theft system is engaged. An S.O.S number will call you as well.

In this mode, you’ll get constant timestamped updates with the bike’s location. These locations will also appear as markers on the app, along with a complete timeline.

This mode can be dismissed by unlocking the bike via Bluetooth or the biometric module – signifying that you are in close proximity of the bike.

*For more info on how to update your S.O.S number, click here.

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