Stem Replacement

Getting ready

It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment. Before starting this maintenance process, below tasks must be completed:

  • Disconnect battery / power supply

Tools required

Allen Key

Parts required

You will need to prepare the listed parts for this maintenance procedure.

Stem Base
x 1 unit
Stem Top
x 1 unit

Steps to follow

Step 1 Removing Handlebar


Using an Allen Key, loosen up all screws on the Stem Top.

Once all screws has been removed, lift-off the Stem Top and set it aside.

Remove the old handlebar from the Stem Body.

Set the handlebar aside.

Step 2 Removing old Stem Body


Using 6mm Allen Key, loosen up & remove the top screw on the Top Cap.


Remove the Top Cap along with the Phone Mount.

Using 6mm Allen Key, loosen up the side screws on the stem.

Loosen up the screw until the stem can be easily twisted and loose from the fork.

Remove the old Stem Body and set it aside.

Step 3 Installing new Stem


Take the new Stem Body and slot it into the Fork’s tube. 

Make sure that the Stem Body is slotted until it reaches the end. 

Take the Phone Mount along with the Top Cap and place it on top of the Stem Body.

Make sure that the screw holes are aligned.

Using an Allen Key, insert and firmly tighten the Top Nut to secure the Phone Mount onto the Stem Body.

Take the Handlebar & align it into the Stem Body.

Make sure that the handlebar fits perfectly into the Stem Body.

Make sure that the handlebar is centered and the length is well balanced on the right & left side.

Once the alignment of handlebar has been completed, take the Stem Top and carefully align it on top of handlebar.

Make sure that all screw holes are aligned.

Using an M5 Allen Key, insert and firmly tighten 4 units of Socket Head Cap screws. 

While holding the position the wheel, check the alignment of the Stem and ensure that the Stem is perpendicular with the Front Wheel.

Once the Stem’s alignment is confirmed, firmly tighten the screws on the side of Stem Body.

Gradually tighten the screws until it is fully gripped onto the Fork’s tube & cannot be twisted.

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