Saddle Replacement

Getting ready

It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment.

Tools required

M5 Allen KeyHigh Quality 5mm Allen Wrench

Parts required

You will need to prepare the listed parts for this maintenance procedure.

Replacement SaddleBest Bike Saddles - GearLab

Steps to follow

Step 1 Removing Seat Post


Loosen up the seat post by unclamping the clamp on the seat frame.

Once the seat post is loosen up, lift up and remove the entire seat post from the seat frame tube.

Step 2 Removing old Saddle


Using an 5mm Allen Key, loosen up the screw that is securing the Saddle to the Seat Post.

Once the screw is completely loosen up, remove the Seat Post from old Saddle.

Continue to remove the remaining seat clamp from the old Saddle.

Step 3 Installing new Saddle


Take the removed seat clamp and place it at the correct position on the new Saddle.

Align the seat clamp correctly on the new Saddle and make sure that the mating groove is fully flushed.


Re-install the seat post onto the new Saddle by aligning to the screw hole on the seat clamp.

Using an 5mm Allen Key, tighten up the screw until the Saddle is fully secured.

Step 4 Re-installing Seat Post


Take the seat post and re-install it into the seat frame tube.

Adjust the height & orientation of the seat post to your likings.

Then, secure the seat post by using the seat post clamp.

Ensure that the seat post is fully secured prior to using your bike.

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