Wheel Casing Replacement

Getting ready

It is advised to wear suitable protective personal equipment (PPE) and be in safe working environment. Before starting this maintenance process, below tasks must be completed:

  • Disconnect battery / power supply

Tools required

Torque Driver

Parts required

You will need to prepare the listed tools for this maintenance procedure.

Replacement Wheel Casing

Steps to follow

Step 1 Removing old Wheel Casing


Using a torque driver, remove all M3 screws from the wheel casing.

Total 9 units of Socket Head Caps crews must be removed from the old Wheel Casing.

Once all screws has been removed, disconnect the LED cable connector &
gently remove the Wheel Casing.

Step 2 Installing new Wheel Casing


Take the replacement unit of the Wheel Casing and install the Wheel Casing onto the wheel.

Make sure to align the Wheel Casing to the wheel correctly.

Make sure that the Wheel Casing is aligned correctly with the wheel.

Using the torque driver, insert and firmly tighten all the screws into the Wheel Casing. 

Total 9 units of Socket Head Cap screws must be installed into the Wheel Casing.

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